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2007-AWS/FabTech Show( Chicago )---Basis-Tech booth

2008-CSA/FabTech Show(Toronto )---Basis-Tech booth                                                   2008-AWS/FabTech Show( Las Vegas )---Basis-Tech booth

2009 Essen welding Show( Germany )-Basis-Tech booth                                                  2009-AWS/FabTech Show( Chicago )---Basis-Tech booth 

2010-AWS/FabTech Show( Atlanta )---Basis-Tech booth ( view angle dependence comparison contest )

2011-Matel/FabTech/AWS Show (Edmoton, Canada)--- Basis-Tech booth                               2011-WAS/FabTech Show ( Chicago,USA) --- Basis-Tech booth

2012-Industrie Paris ( Paris, France) -Basis-Tech booth and Nomination of innovation technology for WAV( Wide Angle View)



        This helmet can be used for STICK, MIG & TIG welding - AC or DC.

The viewing area is 2.00" x 3.75" or 7.125 square inches – one of the largest in the industry. The switching speed is .04ms – very fast or 1/25,000 of a second.( Note: 0.04ms  is switching speed between DIN shade 4 and DIN shade 9 )  The ADF lens is 1/2/1 which is the optical grade given to the lens itself. ADF’s in the $400.00-$500.00 have this type of rating and many ADF’s sold do not even list the optical grade – Why?

This is a very light weight helmet weighing in at only 16 ounces. It is molded out of DuPont® resin and users a two part DuPont® paint finish. It has a solar assist panel and two replaceable batteries. This is useful if you are tack welding due to the limited power generated from the arc. Many ADF’s that do not have batteries that are changeable slow down over long periods of time. The switching speed slows down and the ADF simply runs out of power over long sessions of tack welding. The battery life is up to 3,000 hours of welding time – that is 8 hours of continuous welding every day for 375 days!


This helmet and ADF lens complies with ANSI Z87.1-2003, CE & DIN which are the European safety standards.


The light state is shade 3.75 and the dark state is adjustable from a shade 9 to a shade 13 and is variable, meaning shades are not fixed so if you need the lens a bit darker then a shade 11 for your eyes – you can adjust it according! A true variable shade adjustment an important allowing you to set the helmet to a lighter shade when welding lighter gage material and being able to increase the shade when you are welding heavier gage material. Not everyone’s eyes are the same when it comes to IR/UV – this ADF allows you to adjust the lens for the best confront for you.


There is Sensitivity and a Delay adjustment. The Sensitivity adjusts for the lighting condition that you are welding in – if you are inside or welding outside in the sun light you can adjust for the ambient lighting conditions. The Delay feature controls the amount of time it takes the lens to return to the clear state. Set on the lowest delay setting helps in a tacking and set on the longest delay helps keep the lens dark longer before returning to the light state. It also is very useful in the TIG process and if you happen to have an Inverter machine (which has a very clean arc) it keeps the lens in the dark shade.


It has an adjustable ratchet headgear with a comfortable sweatband. The headgear can also be adjusted front to back for optimal helmet-to-head positioning – not everyone’s head is the same size so this feature is great for front to back adjustments. 


The helmet takes standard outer safety cover plates available from any welding distributor.


ANSI Z87.1 -2003 safety glasses should be worn at all times when welding are included with the welding helmet.



 2008 CSA/FabTech ( Toronto )                                2007  AWS/FabTech ( Chicago )                       2009  Essen Show ( Germany )


   2008 AWS/FabTech  ( Las Vegas )                  2009 AWS/FabTech   ( Chicaco )                        Advertisment on BBI Magazine      


                  2010 AWS/Fab Tech ( Atlanta )             2010-AWS/Fab Tech ( Atlanta ) --- view angle dependence comparison( contest ) box


                2011  MetalFAB/AWS ( Emonton, Canada)                                                                       2011   FAB/AWS    Chicago


  2012-  Industrie - Paris , France  and   Nomination  of Innovation for Wide Angle View Technology  at  2012- Industrie, Paris, France

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